Having released their very first record entitled ‘French Romances’ which was critically acclaimed in France and in Germany, MALEMORT wanted to prove its singularity on stage. Then, MALEMORT took the opportunity to play with Crowbar, Death Angel, UFO, Pro Pain, Diamond Head and many more, and the band quickly built up a reputation as a singular band with a unique atmosphere on stage.
MALEMORT will perform at major European Metal Festivals in Summer 2018, such as Hellfest (France) and MetalDays (Slovenia) and will continue to expand across Europe.


With their second album called ‘Ball Trap’, the band is making a major comeback on the Metal Scene, pushing back the limits of Metal Music in the broadest sense of the term. Then, MALEMORT has signed a distribution deal with Season Of Mist and ‘Ball Trap’ is now available in all French stores.


‘Ball Trap’ has also been critically acclaimed and is often classified as a Top act by French medias, such as webzines, radio and newspapers. Rock Hard France Magazine, biggest Metal Magazine in France, has nominated ‘Ball Trap’ in its International TOP 10 for year 2016, among major records of the year where the band met the greatest Metal names, such as Metallica, Death Angel and Testament.


About the band’s musical style? You’d better check for yourself this ‘Free Metal Band’, when music sounds like a straight-to-the-point rock’n roll where thrash and death metal meet, and includes high colors coming from hard rock, heavy metal and fusion metal.

Technical stuff

You can access to our stage plan (also available here) MALEMORT Stage plan (2017)

As well as our technical sheet patch list (2017).